The Computer Science and Engineering Graduate Student Association (CSEGSA) has been actively involved in enhancing the graduate student experience at Texas A&M University for over 15 years. We host events, provide professional development opportunities, and represent the graduate student body to help improve graduate life and improve the department as a whole.

CSEGSA focuses on three main pillars:

  • Student Voice

    The CSEGSA represents the graduate student body in the Computer Science & Engineering department. If graduate students have problems, concerns, ideas for improvement, or any other issue, they can come to the CSEGSA for help. The CSEGSA also represents the graduate student body on department committees, provides delegates to the Graduate and Professional Student Council, and acts as graduate student liaisons to other student organizations.

  • A Community of Scholars

    Graduate students of all levels are part of many communities: their field, their research area, industry and professional groups, and the computer science community broadly. The CSEGSA aims to facilitate the building of these communities, especially between graduate students and other graduate students and faculty. Whether you're headed for industry, academia, a research lab or elsewhere, having a community of fellow scholars is always beneficial.

  • Mentoring and Professional Development

    Graduate school is more than just learning technical skills, it's learning how to communicate complex ideas, collaborate with others, and effectively interact with people at conferences, workshops, and other events. It's the start of a career, and developing professional skills is a major part of this journey. CSEGSA works to provide effective mentoring and professional development resources to graduate students in the department.